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[tab title=”First tab open!” description=”Don’t like to have the content hidden by default? Don’t worry (and be happy!), you can choose to open it automatically or not. Everything is under your control!” image=”http://karimhossenbux.com/lab/humble/wp-content/themes/humble/images/ico_open.png”]
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[tab title=”Another portfolio layout” description=”The portfolio layout below is done with one line of code! Choose the layout you want and use the shortcode to have it. Combined with tabs it’s really awesome!” image=”http://karimhossenbux.com/lab/humble/wp-content/themes/humble/images/ico_portfolio-1.png”]
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[tab title=”Another one but not last” description=”Yet another portfolio layout… Check out the full list of shortcode to see all the possibilities and combination you can do. Be creative with Humble template!” image=”http://karimhossenbux.com/lab/humble/wp-content/themes/humble/images/ico_portfolio-2.png”]

Some static title

This is an additional one_third column

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