• id (id attribute – optional)
  • class (class attribute – optional)
  • color (white, grey, black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink)
  • bgcolor (background color – optional)
  • textcolor (text color – optional)
  • link (URL)
  • target (target attribute)
  • rel (rel attribute)


1. Color button

[button color=”white”]White[/button] [button color=”grey”]Grey[/button] [button color=”black”]Black[/button] [button color=”red”]Red[/button] [button color=”blue”]Blue[/button]

[button color=”green”]Green[/button] [button color=”yellow”]Yellow[/button] [button color=”orange”]Orange[/button] [button color=”purple”]Purple[/button] [button color=”pink”]Pink[/button]

[code][button color=”white”]White[/button][/code]


2. Custom text color button

[button color=”white” textcolor=”#3391ec”]Text color #3391ec[/button]

[code][button color=”white” textcolor=”#3391ec”]Text color #3391ec[/button][/code]


3. Custom background color button

[button bgcolor=”#fff”]Background color #fff[/button]

[code][button bgcolor=”#fff”]Background color #fff[/button][/code]


4. Custom text color and background color button

[button textcolor=”#ff3131″ bgcolor=”#fff”]Custom bg and color[/button]

[code][button textcolor=”#ff3131″ bgcolor=”#fff”]Custom bg and color[/button][/code]

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