Posts items

  • number (number of post)
  • category (id of the category)
  • posts (id of post – separated with coma if more than one)
  • excerpt (“true” or “false” – show post excerpt or not, true by default)
  • meta (“true” or “false” – show post meta or not, true by default)
  • meta (“true” or “false” – show read more button or not, false by default)

1. Get the last post

[blog number=”1″]
[code][blog number=”1″][/code]


2. Get the last posts with read more button

[blog number=”1″ readmore=”true”]
[code][blog number=”1″ readmore=”true”][/code]


3. Get the last posts without excerpt

[blog number=”1″ excerpt=”false”]
[code][blog number=”1″ excerpt=”false”][/code]


3. Get Post from id

[blog posts=”230″]
[code][blog posts=”230″][/code]


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